Expwy’s last album, Dance Maul has received a great review over at the wonderful Canadian music blog Quick Before it Melts.  We’re thrilled that the album, released independently last spring, is finally starting to get some press.

So, tell everyone you know about it!

And don’t forget that you can listen to and download the album on our Bandcamp page.  You can expect a new Expwy album before the new year and you can preview rough mixes on our SoundCloud page.


By Matt

Doesn’t look like much, does it?  Little would one know that the dumpling deal of the century is just beyond that bamboo blind in the doorway.  This recent, and welcome, addition to The Pointe’s restaurant scene, located at the corner of Laprairie and Chateauguay streets does mainly your average Chinese-American stuff (fried rice, General Tao, etc.) but hidden down at the bottom of their brief menu are dumplings.  Fried dumplings.  Six for $2!

I may be wrong, but I don’t think that there’s another place in town that does pork and vegetable dumplings this cheap.  There was no choice in how to have them done but I wonder if maybe they would consider boiling or steaming them if requested.  As far as the dumplings themselves they were actually pretty good.  Nice pork and cabbage flavour with carrot and onion among, I’m sure, other things that I couldn’t pick out.  And for $2?  Ridiculous.  If you live in The Pointe you’ve got a new, ultra-cheap dinner or lunch option.

Julia and I were over at Jean Talon Market last week when I happened to look up into the office windows above.  What should I see there but a bottle of 10 year old Bushmills by the coffee machine.  Someone likes their morning  Irish Coffee.

My favourite part is the little towel covering it.

by Matt

I’ve had my eye on this place since we moved to Parc-Ex a year ago.  You never know where you’ll find that little gem that may end up being the best of its kind in all of Montreal.  Is Sicily Pizaa Halal one of these rare gems?  Decidedly no BUT it was better than I thought it would be.  I figured that while I was up on Ogilvy groce-ing at Marche J.P.A., Parc-Ex’s best source for good feta, I should finally do my duty and report back.  Once again Julia was at work and since Ben (Franklin) was nowhere to be found I brought along Edward Montague, Esquire author of Legends of a Nunnery, the Castle of Berry Pomeroy, etc. as well as that all-time classic The Demon of Sicily.  Ed refused to acknowledge whether or not he was any relation to the Earl of Sandwich Edward Montagus.  At any rate, he proved to be curious if excitable companion.

Matt:  Well, this doesn’t look half bad at all.  All of the components of an all dressed slice are there.  Cheese, green peppers and mushroom.  This definitely isn’t one of those places that you take your out of town friends to to impress them.  This is more of an “I don’t feel like cooking dinner, I just want something hot a gooey to put into my face” kind of thing.  Which is fine.  In my wildest dreams I had hoped that it would be better than any New York slice and that Montreal could finally claim a pizza equal to those storied Gotham pies.

Ed: (watching a young woman across the street) His dream too returned to his recollection with the dreadful sensations he had endured, but at the same time it brought to his imagination the visionary charms of the female; passion and curiosity impelled him to advance, while fear kept him back.

Matt: Yeah, it’s definitely better than that new Pizza Pizza that just opened up on Jean Talon.

Ed:  Now, Benardo, I leave you to make your election; you have seen the result of a wicked and of a well-spent life, conduct yourself piously, and I will be your friend; act the reverse/ and I leave you to the common enemy of mankind, who will fawn before you to accomplish his dark designs, and finally rejoice over you when writhing in unutterable agonies such as you have but seen the guilty suffer, you toss on unfathomable boundless oceans of liquid fire.

Matt:  Bernardo?

Ed:  Fiend of Hell!  My eyes have seen thy deed, my ears have heard thy speech, look up, before thee stands Ugo de Tracy!  Thou, then art the husband of that Isabella who lies between us. There lies her head, this sword separated it from her body; it has the like office to perform on thee.

Matt: Fiend?

Ed:  Yes, even if mountains had been piled upon thee, easily could I upraise them.  Bernardo! Expect, me here to-morrow at midnight. Let not these vain fears prevent thee from profiting by my condescension.