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is there a newspaper in this world with more ridiculous headlines than our own gazette?

Here’s the article.

Some context in case you don’t feel like reading the whole thing:

“Distribution Percour Inc., owner of Boutique Séduction in Montreal North, has been ordered by a Quebec Court judge to pay $500 for selling an item called Sleeve Super Stretch whose packaging was in English only.”

“Acting on a citizen’s complaint, an OQLF inspector visited the store in 2004 and photographed the packaging of thesex-toy accessory worn by men.”
do i really need to add anything?  jesus h. christ.


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by Julia

Verdun is a quickly gentrifying neighborhood. When I lived there four years ago, the best place for a cup of coffee was the 24 hour Dunkin’ Donuts. Our last excursion there proved that while the hot dog/pizza/cheap diner breakfast scene is still going strong, fancy cafés and upscale restaurants are popping up like whack-a-moles. We had a hearty and delicious Bengali lunch at the new Chez Maggy on Wellington, then did a little taste-test of the two new coffee joints on the same street, Le Baobab and Le Victoria. For the purposes of comparison, we ordered a small cappuccino at each spot. Each cost around 3 dollars, plus tax.

First, Le Baobab.

It’s a pleasant, airy space with soothing green walls and white painted chairs, free wi-fi, baked goods, sandwiches, and plentiful seating. It was bustling mid-afternoon on a weekday, and service was very cordial. We took our coffee to go, and tried it on the street. It was very foamy. About two thirds foam, actually, and I had to slurp large mouthfuls of very stiff foam before getting to the coffee. As for the taste, it was a dark, fairly bitter roast, but not unpleasant. We made sure to save some to to compare with the cappuccino at Le Victoria.

There’s a sandwich board outside of Le Victoria which boasts that it’s “The Best Coffee in Town”. Although I’d certainly be willing to give it another chance, I can’t say that they’re living up to their claims at the moment. Inside, it was much quieter than Le Baobab, but had an equally pleasant atmosphere with burgundy velvet curtains, dark polished wood, and photographs of Burkina Faso lining the walls. Service too was equally friendly and polite. A word of warning about the coffee, though: it’s HOT. Much too hot for a cappuccino. As I sit typing this two days later, my tongue is still healing from the first sip. Matt and I both agreed, after it had cooled down sufficiently to be tasted, that it was a little too weak and had a diner coffee-ish aftertaste. Le Baobab wins this round.

Although there are better places for coffee in Montreal (Myriade, Névé, and Café Italia, and Moi, Toi, et Cafe all come to mind), both Le Baobab and Le Victoria are friendly, pleasant places with decent coffee.  I would happily take my laptop to either of these cafés for an afternoon of work.

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by Julia

I’m back. I started strong, then got distracted by finishing up my semester. Now I’m half-way done with my master’s and ready to start posting about the all the oddities, morsels, and excursions that we cover here on slumming and unslumming. Expect strange little old houses, accounts of several notable meals, and even ruminations on time and the city. First though, here’s another cat in another window. It’s a youngin’, in Verdun.

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