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Matt:  Do you like pupusas?

Julia: Pups? Love ’em.

Matt:  Yeah, me too.


Julia: These are a fine example of their species. I find them slightly smaller and crispier than the average Montreal pupusa. Very good cheese-to-bean-to-pork ratio.

Matt:  I think these are the best I’ve had in Montreal.  And at $1.60 a piece, the cheapest.  Two of these suckers is a decent meal.  Three is over the top.  Is it possible to order 2 and a half pupusas?

Waitress:  No.

Julia: Why don’t we just order five and split them?

Matt:  No.  Two each and that’s final.


Julia: Can we talk about cabbage now?

Matt:  No one’s stopping you.

Julia: Good. Well…I like cabbage. The cabbage at Iris is much more aggressively pickled than other’s I’ve had. Plus it’s cut into larger chunks, so it’s crunchier. It adds to the generally delightful mix of salty, fatty, starchy, and crunchy that is a pupusa.

Matt:  Yeah, these are great.  And the red sauce is more tomato-y than other red sauces I’ve had and has a little spiciness to it.

Julia: They’re pupusas, but more so.

Matt:  It’s like they took other people’s bigger pupusas and smushed all the flavour into a smaller pupusa package.

Julia: Flavour? Flavor.


Julia: Um, so the atmosphere is very pleasant, isn’t it?

Matt:  Yeah, it kinda’ feels like eating in someone’s home.  The only thing I don’t like about Iris is that I can’t have a Suprema.

Julia: They ought to do something about that. You can have a horchata or many other interesting beverages, though. I had a pineapple juice but next time I’m getting a smoothie. They looked tasty.

Matt:  When all is said and done I give Iris five Hands to Mouths.

Julia: Yay!


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