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The Parc-X Trio is one of Montreal’s great young jazz groups.  In fact they even won the TD Grand Prize at  last year’s Jazz Fest!  You can check them out at their website.   Bassist Alex Lefaivre took some time out to answer this week’s question:

If you had to sit on a street corner in Parc-Ex for 24 hours which one would you chose and why?

I’d say Parc Athéna corner Bloomfield and Jean-Talon. While I might find 24hrs to be pretty long, I have to say that I love that stretch of Jean-Talon. I love walking by Jean-Talon from Parc to Acadie. Lot’s of great restaurants, bakeries and weird shops. I love the fact that most people are speaking languages other than english or french and that I feel that I’m not really in Montréal anymore. During the summer the whole thing becomes a street bazaar and I find it quite inspiring and very authentic.


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Kate McDonnell is “a lifelong Montrealer who has worked as a typesetter, proofreader, graphic designer, content editor and copywriter.”  She’s also the proprietor of the Montreal City Weblog, Montreal’s greatest news aggregator.  Today’s question is “If you had $10 to spend anywhere in Montreal, where would it be?”

“I’d buy a $5 book at S.W. Welch and then walk over to the Cafe
Olimpico for a double espresso and a glass of Sanpellegrino ($5 with

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Jenn Hardy has been writing about jazz and keeping up her website, Pork Pie Jazz since January 23, 2010.  As well as being contributor to several print and web publications she’s done interviews for Sorties Jazz Nights and has been a tireless booster of Montreal’s jazz scene.  S and U asked Jenn “What book are you currently reading?  If you are not currently reading anything, what was the last book you read?”

“I’m currently making my way through a massive stack of books. These books do not include Notes and Tones or biographies about Mingus or Monk. I’m reading Ina May Gaskin’s Guide to Childbirth, The Natural Child: Parenting from the Heart, and A Holistic Guide to Embracing Pregnancy, Childbirth, and Motherhood. Notice a theme? While my book choice might not be jazz-themed, I’m expecting a baby in February with jazz drummer Michel Berthiaume.So that’s pretty jazz-tastic! ;)”

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Jason Prince:

community economic development

urban planning

affordable housing

Or so says his website.  A prime mover and shaker in Montreal’s planning sector Jason is also involved with Projet Turcot and maintains this related blog.  For the first in our series of One Question Interviews we ask Jason “What did you eat for breakfast?”

“for the record, I ate:
two double expressos with hot milk, sometimes called Café au lait.
feves au lard.  or maybe febrves or fevbres or f…..
one point five eggs, scrambled…”



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