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B y Matt

This guy:

Xavier Dolan,  the hot young Quebecois director.


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Inspired by a salsa I had recently I decided to make my own.  Ingredients:

6 decently sized tomatoes

2 fresh jalapeno peppers

1 dried chipotle  pepper

3 cloves of unpeeled garlic

Roast the tomatoes in an oven set to broil on a high heat until the skin gets blackened and starts falling off.  Meanwhile roast the jalapenos and garlic in a frying pan on the stove top until soft.  Remove the stem and end bit of the chipotle and break it down.  I used a mortar and pestle but there are a bunch of ways to do it.  Remove the stems from the jalapenos and throw them, the softened, peeled garlic and the chipotle, seeds and all into a blender or food processor.  Break that down as much as possible and throw in the peeled tomatoes.  Blend/process to desired consistency.  Add salt to taste.  Cool and serve.  Adding sour cream helps to temper the heat.

We ate a ton of this stuff last night but so far it hasn’t lived up to it’s name.  Fingers crossed!

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So, Julia and I saw The Bad Plus last week at L’Astral, Montreal’s new Jazz Fest sanctioned “jazz club”.  First off, two non-musical issues.

Issue #1:  Fake “Jazz Club Smoke”

See that shit?  That’s FAKE SMOKE!  FAKE SMOKE!  Listen guys, if you want “Jazz Club Atmosphere Smoke” you’ll have to repeal that indoor smoking ban and let us jazzbos get back to tending to our lung cancer cells ’cause this is just mind-bogglingly nauseating.  It’s a desperate attempt to make this terrible, terrible space seem more like a stereotyped “jazz club.”  It was painful and immediately put me ill at ease.

Issue #2:  Local Beer Selection

These are the local beers you have available?  Quebec has some of the finest brewery’s in North America and NONE of them are served at L’Astral?  This sickening Molson Only menu decidedly stinks.  In fact, it almost pissed me off as much the fake smoke and we didn’t get drinks at all, not even water.  L’Astral is, in my opinion, the worst venue I have ever been to.  Our corporate overlords can try all they want to seem hip but their attempts at humanity are painful to witness and detract from one’s enjoyment of the performance one has come to see.

So, needless to say the evening started out on some bad notes.  Fortunately The Bad Plus always play great and soon the forced atmosphere and barren menu melted into the background.  I also had the foresight to bring a camera along to shoot some video and caught the first six tunes.  The guys started off with a movement from Stravinsky’s Apollon Musagete:

Dave King’s percussion adds a really nice rhythmic dimension to this piece and I’ve always felt that Stravinsky never used enough percussion in even his orchestral works.  Now, I love Igor but when are you guys gonna’ do some Charles Ives?  Maybe bust out some Housatonic at Stockbridge?  Think about it.

Up next was a tune from the new album Never Stop, King’s My Friend Metatron:

I’m getting some notes of Geddy Lee at around 0:50 but the finish is all King.

Next is the classic Reid Anderson composition Rhinoceros Is My Profession:

2:49 to 2:55? Yes.

Then another one of Dave King’s feel-good-tune-of-the-years, Super America:

I’m loving the Bb.

What followed were two of the highlights of the night for me. First is Ethan Iverson’s tune Guilty:

Ethan’s intro, Reid’s solo, everything King did, it was just perfect. This was, I thought, their best performance as a group that night and the way they landed in some deep blues was just fantastic. My other highlight was King’s Thrift Store Jewelry:

Swear to god, I could listen to Dave King play drums ALL NIGHT and his solo here was great, full of surprises within the framework of the composition.

Unfortunately my camera didn’t have enough juice to get more and I missed Ornette Coleman’s Law Years and the encores.

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Thomas Dyani-Akiru, percussionist extraordinaire who’s currently on tour with Shakira.  He bought a Wahl clipper (I work at the Centre du Rasoir).  Nice guy.  And he knew Don Cherry!  And his step-dad was Johnny Dyani!  Yet another brush with greatness.

Here he is in action:

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Weekend Gig

For anyone who might be interested, I’ll be playing in a duo with guitarist Ian Jarvis Saturday night at The Interstice.  Also playing will be Toronto prepared guitar/guzheng duo Lamb Chops.  Ian and I will be playing a mix of non-idiomatic improvisation and compositions for two guitars.

If you like this:

And this:

Then you’re in for a treat.

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by Matt

I was looking through old pictures and came across this one taken in Queens in May.  Anyone know anything about it?  If it smells how I think it smells (that unholy combo of Labbatt 50, cheap pizza, cheap smokes, sweat, stagnant river water and carnal desperation) then…  well…  it’s not good.

By the way what is that girl doing in that ad?  Is she just dumping it off the side of a building or what?  If it smells how I think it smells…  I don’t blame her.

*product is not actually by Lise Watier.

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Montreal gets a nice write-up in this Yahoo News article.  About half of the article itself is about Montreal with some quotes from Luc Ferrandez.  Take-away Ferrandez quote:  “Parking is very sensitive.”

Canadian Cities Slowly Going Green

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