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First up is Pakola Ice Cream Soda.

Matt:  Wow, before we even taste this I have to comment on the unnatural colouring of this stuff.  It’s bizarre looking.

Julia: I don’t want any.

Matt:  I mean, I know the can’s green but I didn’t realize that it was representative of the colour of the drink itself.  Coke isn’t red and Pepsi isn’t blue.  Pakola is GREEN.

Julia: Wow, that is vile.

Matt:  Yeah, that’s one of the worst things I’ve ever tasted. It tastes like industrial strength floor cleaner.

Julia: It would be medicinal, but it doesn’t have enough bite. It’s more just SWEET. And gross.

Matt:  I can’t drink any more.

Julia: *postscript* We left the Pakola on the counter for two days, in an open glass. Not a single insect expressed interest.

Finally, Camlica, a Turkish clear cola.

Matt:  This is pretty good, actually.  Like Pepsi but not so heavy and syrupy.

Julia: At first it tasted like Sprite, but I think it was the color playing with my mind. It’s more like Coke or Pepsi, but with a refreshing citrusy note.

Matt:  I’d get this again.

Julia: It gets points for neat packaging.


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