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Expwy - Border Vacuums

That’s right, you heard right, Expwy’s Border Vacuums was voted the 96th best album of 2010 by GoUT120 at rateyourmusic.com!  Thanks GoUT120!  And Jordeh, in addition to rating it a 3.5 out of 5 said “The final track prevents this release reaching 4 stars. Shame. Friday Was All About is one of my favourite songs of 2010.”  Favourite songs of 2010!  Hot damn!

That wasn’t all the attention Expwy got last year. We were also featured in the Swedish music blog The Goodbye Look’s Gratismusik column. Nice review, too.  Here’s a translation:

“Not to mention the “chill wave”. Not to mention the “chill wave”. Do NOT mention the “chill wave” …


I’m sorry. Call me a hipster, indiekid, weak trends in music or whatever you want. But I love both (from the beginning hipsterironiska) the name and chill wave genre / style dubbed this. I am sold, sold and sold on the concept. It’s lo-fi, it’s tropical, it’s drum machines, it is 80 and it’s chill as hell. Expwy has in any case created a bunch of songs that are clearly moving in this genre. If he / she / they agree with me I do not know, otherwise I hope they forgive me.

The song is the one that catches my attention most. “All Is Just Umbrage” name it and have something as wonderful as a bossa nova rate, something I do not think we heard in the chill wave yet. Right away, I feel nostalgic memories of those beach holidays, those in which I have never experienced, but only seen on film.
Vaccums Border may be chill wave, but have a nice breadth of style. “Friday Was All About ‘is not as easygoing as the previous track. Dark synths. It feels both cozy and a bit uncomfortable, but in a good way. The same applies småkaotiska “Consequently”. But the dark easier and “Around the Corner” takes on a guitar Expwy. Already at the next track, “Walk Home”, we take with us the guitar in the suitcase and suddenly find ourselves in. .. Latin America? Here do I stop. Now tell me no more, but the rest you will discover on your own.”

Man about town finbarrrr also made up this alternate cover in proper album dimensions:

Alt. Border Vacuums

Don’t forget that Border Vacuums, as with all Expwy releases, is a digital only free release.  Get it here.

Thanks to everyone who supported us last year and keep your eyes peeled for a new record early this year.

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