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Matt:  We`ve walked past this place a million times and have always meant to stop in.  I`m glad we did, this is delicious.

Julia:  The pastilla was great. I was starving, but I almost couldn’t finish it. The chicken, almond, raisin, and egg mixture was so rich and flavourful. That guy outside who said, “Get the pastilla,” did not steer us wrong.

Matt:  Indeed he didn’t.  I’d come back here anytime to get another one of these.  The flaky crust is fantastic and while it may be a little dry the mint tea we ordered was a perfect washer-downer.

Julia:  Mmm-hmm. And I know it’s traditionally taken with lots and lots of sugar, I appreciate that they ask. I think the strong unsweetened mint tea we opted for was a perfect foil for the rich pastilla. Sweetened it would have been way over the top.

Matt:  It was a short visit but a good one.  I give Al Iman 5 Hand to Mouths.

Julia: Yay! I’d like to add that the service was really friendly and the woman who helped us was very happy to explain what everything was. Plus they have an ice cream cooler and sell rocket-pops.


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On a Sunday stroll round the neighborhood we picked up a couple of beers, unusual ones in this part of town (Parc-Ex).  First up is Mickey’s, bought at Marche Africaine on Jean Talon.  Mickey’s is brewed in Milwuakee by the Miller company.


Matt:  It has a certain ephemeral quality.

Julia:  You mean watery?

Matt:  Yeah.

Julia:  PBR-esque.

Matt:  PBR’s better, though for what that’s worth.

Julia:  It’s so bad I don’t even want any more.

The Guinness Extra Stout comes to us from Halifax and was bought at  J.P.A. on St. Roch.

Guinness Extra Stout

Matt:  Wow, what a difference.

Julia:  Mmmm, now that’s a beer,

Matt:  I forgot what flavour tasted like.

Julia:  Did you know that Guinness is actually pretty low in alcohol and calories? People are always like, “Oooh, arrg, a meal in a bottle!” But that’s just cause it’s dark in color.

Matt:  Colour.

Julia:  And it has a certain creaminess.

Matt:  Creaminouss.

Julia:  Creaminouss?

Matt:  That’s how we spell it up here.  This is the Queen’s English, not your mongrelized, bastardized and despised “American” english.

Julia: Eh?

Matt:  I’m disappointed that we can’t get my favourite Indian beer, Cheetah out here.  What’s up with that?

Julia: Just in restaurants. I’m also disappointed that we can’t find Mythos, that Greek beer, in any deps.

Matt:  Fail.  Total fail.  Utterly Fail.

Julia:  (silence)

Matt:  Well, we may not have a great dep beer selection but some good stuff can be had at the Loblaws near Parc Metro, including one of my all-time favourites, Blonde d’Achouffe.

Julia: That Loblaws reminds me of my long-lost and beloved Wegman’s.

Matt:  Ah, yes, Wegman’s.  The last refuge of the scoundrel.  Well, the last refuge of the average Syracustian.

Julia: Syracustian? No one says that. It’s Syracusan. Duh.

Matt:  Since I had to down that entire bottle of Mickey’s all by my lonesome I think I’m entitled to some made up titles.

Julia: This is getting long and pointless.

Matt:  You’re long and pointless.

Julia: Your face is long and pointless.

Matt:  I’m the onyl one drinking hjere.  whty dont you shut op.

Julia: Time for a nap.

Matt:  (snore)

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