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Matt:  Can you believe what we just ate?

Julia: Mmmm…uggg….mmmff. Soooo fullllll.

Matt:  So, for $14 we got three Kothu Parotta meals and we could only finish one between us.  Good deal?  I’d say so.  This is some serious poor people food.

Julia: And quite delicious. I guess the “parotta” is the flatbread part. It’s like a spongy, chewy naan that they then chop up and fry with meat, vegetables, spices, chilis, and egg. With lime juice on top.  There’s something dumpling-esque about it, doncha think?

Matt:  Kind of.

Julia:  And extremely filling. This stuff sits solid in the tum.

Matt:  And it is not un-spicy.  Those big chunks of green chili they throw in are hot.  Not un-deliciously hot.

Julia:  Don’t stop not using double negatives.

Matt:  But I am using them.  Not un-annoyingly so.

Julia:  On to the decor/atmosphere. I love the bright yellow walls and the tiny little gnome door leading into the kitchen. It looks like an old diner or maybe a tavern.

Matt:  I liked how they had two radios playing two different stations at once.  And the cook was happy to answer all of our questions, like what the hell everything was.

Julia:  Plus he made me touch a piece of parotta. I liked touching the parotta.

Matt:  I could tell.  Anyway, since we got take-out we didn’t get to enjoy the experience of eating there.  Sometime we will, I’m sure but the fact that it’s only two blocks away and that the take-out menu offers all kinds of free stuff means that this is our new go-to take-out place.  I mean, for $14 we got enough food for SIX meals!  That’s just ridiculous.

Julia: And we gotta try the biriyani! And all those mysterious variations on fried patties of things and breads and stuff.

Matt:  I give V.I.P, which I believe serves Sri Lankan food five thumbs up.  What do you think?

Julia: I give V.I.P. a golden mango award.

Matt:  What’s a golden mango award?

Julia:  It’s in the title, silly. It’s a golden mango that you award someone who gives you something good to eat.

Matt:  That is also what my thumbs mean.  And by thumbs I mean hands.  Hands to mouths.

Julia:  Yay!


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