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By Matt

According to Foreign Policy:

31. Montreal

“A horse carriage is shown going through the streets in old downtown Montreal on March 8, 2005. Before Vegas stole the nickname “Sin City,” that title went to Montreal, once the destination for Americans journeying north to enjoy the vices outlawed in the Prohibition-era United States. Montreal now has another claim to fame: The city has become headquarters for many of the world’s leading video-game developers.”

Toronto placed:

14. Toronto

“About half of Toronto’s citizens are foreign-born. As the city ages — about one-fifth of locals are 60 or older — Toronto is likely to become more dependent on its immigrant community to revitalize its workforce. Above, the sun sets over the Toronto skyline.”

Personally, I like being between Mexico City and Geneva in the 31st spot.  Not too high and not too low, just a comfy middling.  I have to admit that I envy that description of Toronto, though where immigrants are allowed to fully bring their culture into the public sphere.  I think that Montreal could benefit from a less heavy-handed government-imposed mono-culturalism.  And, sometimes a situation calls for that many hyphens.

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