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By Matt

Doesn’t look like much, does it?  Little would one know that the dumpling deal of the century is just beyond that bamboo blind in the doorway.  This recent, and welcome, addition to The Pointe’s restaurant scene, located at the corner of Laprairie and Chateauguay streets does mainly your average Chinese-American stuff (fried rice, General Tao, etc.) but hidden down at the bottom of their brief menu are dumplings.  Fried dumplings.  Six for $2!

I may be wrong, but I don’t think that there’s another place in town that does pork and vegetable dumplings this cheap.  There was no choice in how to have them done but I wonder if maybe they would consider boiling or steaming them if requested.  As far as the dumplings themselves they were actually pretty good.  Nice pork and cabbage flavour with carrot and onion among, I’m sure, other things that I couldn’t pick out.  And for $2?  Ridiculous.  If you live in The Pointe you’ve got a new, ultra-cheap dinner or lunch option.

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