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Matt:  Wow, these are some frrrreeeeeeshhhh curds.

Julia: Mmm-hmm. Yum. They might be the best cheese curds I’ve ever had. Adorable packaging, too.

Matt:  I didn’t think to ask where they were from but as good as they are they aren’t quite as good as fresh St. Albert’s curds, my formative curd.  But they don’t sell them around here.  You have to go to eastern Ontario.  These are fantastic, though.  You’d better put them away before things get out of hand.

Julia: (turns away, stuffing curds into her mouth) What? No. Go away.

Matt:  Give me those you little doormouse.  This is like crack to you.

Julia's crack pipe.

Julia: (stuffs the curds into her purse) Fine. We’ll have them later. The samples at La Maison du Cheddar were also delicious. There was an aged cheddar, a creamy thing, and an old goat thing. I like the creamy thing best but they were all great. I also liked how the girl serving us couldn’t help eating some too while she was slicing it.

Matt:  Yeah, there’s a lot of stuff here that we need to get.  They also apparently make a mean grilled cheese sandwich.  They of course come with a side of curd.

Julia: That sounds intense. I give La Maison du Cheddar 5 hand to mouths.

Matt:  Yup, it’s like a Hoover Dam for your colon.  I also give it 5 Hands to Mouths.


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